The Jedi’s Fate is a Force and Destiny play-by-post campaign set in the Star Wars extended universe about the events described in the Fate of the Jedi book series. The player characters were constructed using the knight-level creation rules.

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!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!

This campaign is set in and around the events described in the Fate of the Jedi book series. There will be spoilers in this adventure. If you are planning on reading the books, and you don’t want to know elements of the story beforehand, then STOP READING RIGHT NOW!!

For the rest of us…..

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…


It is a time of turmoil for the New Jedi Order. Amidst negotiations that could join the Gallactic Alliance with the Imperial Remnant, an unexplained malady has fallen upon Jedi Valin Horn, causing him to become inexplicably paranoid, and violent. What’s worse, in the Order’s greatest moment of need, ambitious political forces have forced Grand Master Luke Skywalker to be outcast from the Galactic Alliance, and not allowed any contact with the New Jedi Order that so desperately needs his leadership. In his absence, the Order is led by Jedi Master Kenth Hamner, who appears initially to desire only appeasement of the government’s apparent lust for power.

While these grand events are played out upon the galactic stage, the rest of the Jedi Order continues in their duties and training as best they can. Unable to mend the situation quickly, they simply carry on in the hope that the Force will guide them back to a state of normalcy with the Alliance. Trusting in Master Hamner’s leadership, they follow the Jedi Code to the best of their abilities, and perform their role as the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.

One such group of Padawans is embarking upon a training mission. Under the leadership and tutelage of newly minted Jedi Togar Stryker, they are to travel to the remote Yavin system. There, they will train and be tested. There they will deepen in their understanding of the Force. There, they will take important steps toward becoming Jedi Knights…


A group of Padawans has been requested to appear before the Jedi Council of Training. They enter the room, seeing the Council members, as well as each other. Master Cilghal, a Mon Calamari well known as a Jedi healer, addresses the group.


In her gravelly yet feminine Mon Cal voice, she says, “Greetings Padawans. First, I must express my regret that your training is taking place during such trying times. Yet, adversity has always been the plight of the Jedi. So take heart; the Force will guide us through this crisis just as it has for every crisis the Jedi have faced. As difficult as it is, we must persevere in our training regimens. Therefore, we have an important training assignment for you. You are to travel to the Yavin system where you will undergo survival training. Supervising your training is Jedi Togar Stryker.” With her aquatic hand, she motions to the back of the room where a human male is standing.


Wearing Jedi robes, and bearing a lightsaber, he appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. You are all struck by the fact that you hadn’t noticed him in the room before. It’s almost as if he appeared out of nowhere. Stepping to the front, Jedi Stryker addresses your group, “The plan for this training exercise is to travel to the Yavin system, Yavin 4 in particular. There I will drop each of you off individually. The purpose of this exercise is to simulate a crash landing and survival on a remote planet. The skills you learn on this exercise may someday save your lives. You are to report to the Temple Quartermaster where you will each be issued a crash survival kit, as well as other gear that you might feel helpful. After that, meet me in the main hangar for loading and launch.” Stryker turns toward the council and nods. Master Cilghal says, “Very well Padawans, you have received your instructions. May the Force be with you.”

The Jedi's Fate

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