The Jedi's Fate

A Meeting

The next day (near as any of you can tell), a ship suddenly appears, dropping out of hyperspace.


It’s type is unfamiliar to anyone on board, however, all present immediately feel the presence of someone very strong in the Force. A youthful voice speaks across the hailing frequency, “Barloz-class freighter, this is the Jade Shadow, requesting permission to dock.” Stryker responds in the affirmative, and in a short time, a docking tube is set in place.

The air lock door opens, and in walks Ben Skywalker, followed by Grand Master Luke Skywalker.


As soon as Ben sees Stryker, he smiles and says, “Togar!”
Stryker replies, “Ben Skywalker! It’s been a long time!”
“Yes, it has. And congratulations on passing your trials.”
“Thanks. It sure took me long enough.”
“It’s all the will of the Force, right?”
Smiling, the two men shake hands and embrace.

After greetings, you all take seats in the lounge area. Master Skywalker says, “I know this all might be confusing for you. Let me assure you that this deception was done under my own orders. As you are no doubt aware, I am officially unable to contact the Jedi Order. However, if we happen to accidentally come across one another in space, there’s nothing wrong with a little conversation.” He flashes one of his disarming farm-boy smiles. “I have arranged for you to be here because I need your help. I handpicked each of you for this special mission. You are Padawans, under the supervision of our most junior Jedi Knight.” He nods to Stryker. “So the likelihood of you being tracked, or even noticed by the Galactic Alliance is remote. That’s the reason you were given such an old looking ship; I hope it’s not too uncomfortable. And I assure you that she’s perfectly reliable. Also, you each have particular backgrounds that are well suited for what I’m asking. Ben and I will be using our…’time away’…to explore possible reasons for the recent behavior of Jedi Horn. To do this, we will be consulting with other Force traditions. However, we don’t have the time or resources to consult with them all. That’s where you come in. Your actual mission on this journey is to travel to Felucia – a planet we can’t go to since it’s in the GA. There you will consult the Shamans of the Jungle Felucians to gain insight to the Force from them – especially regarding the sort of behavior that we’ve seen from Jedi Horn. This is why I selected both you Degaine Vel, and you Thaymusyn Zayy; you both have diverse experiences with the Force. This may help you with your interactions with the Felucians. And you Tyrell Naasen, are very learned regarding the customs and behaviors of many sentient beings. Finally, Jjak Halcyon, you are here to keep this group safe. You are close to your Jedi Trials, and it’s no secret that you are considered by some to be the most capable duelist of all the Padawans in the temple. So you are the best protection this group could have who the Gallactic Alliance might not notice too much. Your master, Jedi Kros, sends his regards and apologies for not being able to accompany you; he would have been too easily spotted, of course. Still, he is confident that you will succeed in your duties, as am I.”

“To help you on your mission, we’ve brought you a few things.” He produces a small metal cargo box and opens it. “Here is a false transponder borrowed from the Jade Shadow. This way, the GA won’t register your arrival in Felucia. As far as they know, you’re in survival training in the remote parts of Yavin. Also, here is a credit chip with 10,000 credits.” He hands the chip to Stryker. “I wish I could provide more. Hopefully this will be enough to secure the provisions, equipment, and vehicles you’ll need. Also, here is a surveillance tagger. The receiver is in the possession of Master Cilghal. You can use this as a sort of emergency distress call. However, activate this only as a last resort; use of this tagger will essentially end your mission, since any response by the Order will reveal your activities to the GA.”

“Finally, as you know the Jedi Order has been under a great deal of scrutiny from the GA as of late. Therefore, you should try to avoid revealing your identity as Jedi while in any civilized locale. This mission should be kept a secret, and we don’t want GA Intelligence learning anything of this. Therefore, you’ll want some sort of cover story; I’ll leave that up to you.”

Master Skywalker then stands and says, “I can’t stress enough the importance of this mission. The fate of the Jedi might hinge on your success, as well as ours. Do you have any questions?”



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