The Jedi's Fate

At the Hangar

The PCs draw their gear and make their way to the hangar of the Jedi Temple.

>>Screen Wipe: Cut To The Hangar<<

Your group makes its way to the Hangar of the Jedi Temple. You are greeted by a sight that makes your heart sink. Jedi Stryker and an astromech droid (R7-D9) are standing at the bottom of the boarding ramp of a ship that, even from this distance, looks run-down at best. As you walk up, Stryker says, “I think they’ve given us the oldest ship they have. I had to look it up – it’s a Barloz class freighter. I think this ship might have flown in the Clone Wars; at least its registry dates back that far. It didn’t even have a recorded name. Maybe that’s why they issued us an astromech, when…er…in case something breaks down.” He motions to the squat droid, who whistles with an obviously pointed retort.


Stryker responds, “Oh yeah. This thing doesn’t even have a working navi-computer. So Ar-seven here has our jumps in his memory. All of a sudden, spending two weeks in a jungle wilderness doesn’t sound so bad does it? It’s probably safer than hyperspace on this thing.” Ar-seven whistles again, adding several staccato chirps. Stryker says, “Yes, Ar-seven, I’m sure your pre-flight check was properly thorough.” Turning to your group, Stryker says, “Well then, let’s get on board and get our gear stowed. As slow as this thing is, we’ve got several days ahead of us in hyperspace.”

Screen Wipe: Cut to Deep Space
A silent star-scape watches as a very weathered Barloz class freighter exits hyperspace. As the sub-light engines engage, the ship rights itself in a slow roll.


Cut to the Cockpit

Jedi Knight Stryker is at the controls, with Ar-seven in the co-pilot’s position. The sound of aged sub-light engines straining to move the ship is more audible than normal. Stryker views the scanner and says, “Ar-seven, I can’t find Yavin 4 on the scope. In fact, I can’t find any planet at all. Did we have some sort of hyperspace mishap…?” thinking to himself, “It wouldn’t surprise me; I’m amazed this thing can fly at all. What was the Council of Training thinking giving us this heap? Or did you just mess up the astrogation…again?” The droid retorts with some pointed chirps, followed by some additional astromech squeals. Stryker says, “Okay. Just settle down and I’ll get them in here.” Over the intercom, Stryker calls the other occupants of the ship into the cockpit. It’s a little crowded, but they manage. The droid then rotates his dome, pointing his holo-projector to the center of the room. Beams of light jump from the projector. The hologram is a recording of Jedi Master Cilghal. In her gravelly voice, she says, “Greetings Jedi Stryker and Padawans. I apologize in advance for the deception regarding your current situation. Unfortunately, recent events have made it quite necessary. Your current situation is not a mishap, or a miscalculation.” Ar-seven interjects a whistle of self-righteous indignation, as the holo-recording continues. “Your Ar-seven droid was programmed with these astrogation coordinates. They have taken you to a location in deep space, well away from any system. We are aware how dangerous this is, and the Council apologizes; but desperate times call for desperate measures. You are to remain on station, in utmost communication silence, until provided with additional instructions. Unfortunately, lest even this recording falls into the wrong hands, I can’t give you any additional information at this time. All I can tell you is that all will be clear soon. I wish you great success on your coming mission. May the Force be with you.” With that the recording abruptly ends.



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