Jjak Halcyon

Human Guardian, Protector of the New Jedi Order


Strength: Bravery
Weakness: Hatred
Morality Score 50

Jjak strives to be all that a Jedi should be, and he sees this happening most in selfless action. Bravery is something that comes easy to him: he trusts in the Force, and knows that it will guide his actions. He is rarely afraid to step up to a daunting task when the need arises.

However, Jjak holds a hatred in the darkness of his emotions. He struggles with his hatred for Killiks and their Joiners, and secretly knows that he would never be able to show compassion to them.

Having faced the brutal Swarm War in his pre-adolesce, Jjak despises the Killiks, their way of life, and essentially everything about them. This hatred extends to most insectoid forms of life, but he has been know to make exceptions for individuals of such species.

Species: Human
Career: Guardian
Specialization: Protector

Brawn 4, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 3, Willpower 3, Presence 2
Soak: 6; Wound Threshold: 17; Strain Threshold: 15

Skills: Athletics 1, Coercion 1, Cool 1, Discipline 1, Medicine 1, Resilience 2, Vigilance 1, Lightsaber 1

Talents: Bodyguard 1, Dedication 1 (Brawn), Force Rating 1, Grit 2, Heightened Awareness, Parry 1, Physician 1, Stimpack Specialization 1, Toughened 2

Force Rating: 2

Force Powers: Enhance (basic power, Force Leap [Horizontal]), Influence (basic power, Control: emotion/belief), Misdirect (basic power, Range 1, Duration 1, Magnitude 1, Control: combat), Sense (basic power)


Jjak is a 17-year old Padawan under the tutelage of Jedi Knight Raymis Kros, and was one of the first new students to begin training at the new Jedi Academy on Ossus at age 5. His father, an untrained Force-sensitive, had carried his family’s name as a secret that had been passed down for three generations before feeling that it was safe to reveal his son’s heritage and send him to Skywalker’s Jedi Academy for training.

Jjak is, by his mentor’s estimation, very close to beginning his Knighthood Trials. He was eagerly anticipating these trials, but the current unrest in the Order (what with Grand Master Skywalker’s exile and the political climate in the Galactic Alliance) has severely disrupted the lives of most Jedi. Waiting is a hard game to play, and Jjak is a rather impatient sort, to the chagrin of his master and the other trainers at the Academy.

Jjak has a sometimes-unchecked sense of humor, being prone to play practical jokes. He is also fairly popular with the young ladies at the academy. His master tells him not to let this go to his head.

Jjak shares in his family’s utter lack of telekinetic power, but strives to make up for it in other areas; notably in lightsaber combat and mental influence abilities.

Motivation: Cause – The Jedi Order
Jjak loves the Jedi Order, and being a Jedi. He can’t wait for Knighthood, is determined to be the youngest Master of his generation, and dreams of becoming the Grand Master someday.

Jjak Halcyon

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